How to Free Yourself from Sentimental Clutter While Moving to a New House

1Well, you have hired the best Houston movers and are excited about starting a fresh life in your new home. This is the time to give your best and make room for new memories.

However, at some corner of your mind you have sheltered some beautiful memories revolving around your old house, which start revealing themselves as you sort through the rooms, closets and attic space. There are old greetings cards, pasta picture frames, and other items that bring back fond memories, yet you have to discard some of this clutter as you move to your new destination. Here are some practical ways to break free from this clutter and still respect its sentimental value.

Pen down your thoughts

As you pick up an old blanket or a unique but old jewelry box, a lot of thoughts will come to your mind, especially of the day when you first got it. Give yourself some personal moments to pen down your feelings and your experience with these cherished things in an online journal or notebook.

Take your mind beyond that memory and ask yourself why that memory is of special significance to you. Is it that you haven’t called your closest friend for a long time? Act on thoughts like these and it will be easier to move on and be happy in your new home.

Take a picture

If you take the actual objects with you, they consume great amount of physical space. It 2would be impossible even for the best Houston movers to shrink them down during packing. Given this, a picture would be a great visual representation of your choicest and most cherished objects. You can easily store soft copies of these images in Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on.
The colors in an old painting might fade away or the edges might get damaged even if you secure the same in an airtight plastic. However, digital images will always be there for you to turn to in nostalgic moments.

Give a new purpose to old belongings

As you fight a battle in your mind thinking whether to discard or keep certain old items, the most important question to ask yourself is whether that object would be of any use. For instance the antique, partially damaged flower vase your grandmother bought might make a good showpiece for your dining table while the old small bicycle your kid used to ride years back will not come of any use now. So, whenever you think of keeping any old items in your new home, always make sure that they have a function to serve.

Give away old items to your near ones

Rather than carrying with you the old stuffed animal collection or feeling sorry for discarding it, you may give it away to your sister-in-laws kids who might be extremely happy to play with them. As you get ready to move to your new place with the Houston movers to help you out, remember there is nothing better in life to make somebody happy by donating your favorite items.

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