What to Expect While Making a Move in a Hot Climate

2You have got in touch with the finest Houston movers for assistance and are finally mentally prepared to make a move to your new home. But, if you are used to snowy winters and temperate summers, what are the things that you would experience if you move to a warmer climate and that too, during the summer season? Here are certain things that you can expect; it is good to know about them in advance.



The energy bills might increase in summer

Probably the summers were comfortable in your old home and so you did not have to run the air conditioner. However, this might not be the case in your new home, especially if the temperature is usually more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not switch on the AC in such a case you might have to go through heat exhaustion, eventually leading to a heat stroke.

In order to bring down the energy expenses in your new home, you may consider a few things such as purchasing a more energy efficient model of AC, insulating the home more effectively to prevent the cold air from escaping, making use of window tints with UV filters, and so on. In fact, the more the amount of heat you can keep away from entering your house, the lesser your cooling expenses will be.

1You will sweat more

Yes, get used to this one. When you move to a hotter climate from a cooler one, your body will indeed need some amount of time to adjust to the surroundings. You will definitely find the amount of sweat production coming down once your body gets used to the new climatic conditions. Till that time, try to keep your body cool by drinking lots of water and wearing light-colored, loose clothes. On the moving day too, pack bottles of cold water and keep them with you, rather than with the Houston movers.


You will experience a furnace in your car

Your car has metal components and in a hotter climate with the sun shining powerfully, they may be more heated to the point of giving you a burning sensation. It is certainly extremely difficult to drive when your steering wheel is too hot to touch.

This can be avoided to a certain extent if you use an appropriate shade to cover the windshield, so that the interior temperature becomes somewhat bearable. Also try to cover your steering wheel with some heat resistant fabric. Remember not to leave your children in a hot car, even for a few minutes.

You may have to undergo a change of routine

It might be that in your old home, you would enjoy activity in the early afternoon, which was the warmest time in the entire day. The same thing can be quite detrimental to your health in the new environment, where you have to complete most of your daily tasks before it gets too hot.

Once you come to your new home and unpack with the aid of Houston movers, try doing some activities like exercising in the early morning while others such as running the washer or using the oven at night.

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